The Product

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What are TipperZ?

TipperZ converts the world’s most common pens and pencils into digital touchpens by sliding over or twirling around an existing pen or pencil.

  • TipperZ encourages children to take notes and draw on paper alongside their tablet devices.
  •  It is scientifically proven that children who take notes with a pen or pencil on paper or tablet device retain more information than just using a finger to point.
  • TipperZ is a very affordable educational tool and gadget for you and your children.


The Kickstarter

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To bring the TipperZ products to market we need to place a minimum order of 10,000 units each to manufacturers.  10,000 Aluminium Units and 10,000 Silicone Rubber units.  We simply don’t have the funds to put up for tooling cost and to get the products manufactured from the manufacturers we have sourced.   The guys at CloudyStar and Atom Split games also need your help in developing further games levels for the TipperZ Games Apps on iOS/Android platforms.

Support our Kickstarter!

  • Receive packs of TipperZ anywhere in the world as a reward for your support!
  • A FREE copy of TipperZ: The Game for all!
  • Click the link to the right to visit our Kickstarter.

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The Game

In a near future high school, students Tipper and Pippa are asked by their teacher Professor S. Plosion to race to collect the TipperZ. The TipperZ were scattered throughout the school, and using a rocket-propelled tablet to blast through the hallways and classrooms, Tipper and Pippa must collect them.

They will collect Tippers of various colours, while avoiding obstacles such as other students, rogue robots and malfunctioning devices, and menacing dark smoke.


appledownload for iphone or  androiddownload for android

The Blog

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